My services include: Restoring and refinishing of antique furniture to their original conditions and beauty using French Polish with shellac and staining to clients desired color.

I use artisan hand techniques which will not ruin the value of your furniture.

Specializing in: Furniture Repair & Refinishing

  1. Damaged veneer, scratches, and watermarks
  2. Loose joints
  3. Frames and mirrors

Wood Stripping

  1. My stripping technique will not ruin old patina of the wood

Wood Carving

  1. Custom carvings, moldings, and duplication of furniture missing parts

Color Matching, Gilding & Touch up

  1. Restoration of various designs and paintings on furniture

French Polishing and Waxing

  1. Hand Rubbed Technique Used

Hardware Restoration

  1. Cleaning and restoration of original hardware
  2. Hardware replacement
  3. Locks and Keys repaired and made

Any kind of damage will be assessed and appropriate services will be recommended.

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